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“What we all want in life, to travel, to fall in love and to be happy

Meet The Crew – About Us

It all starts with a couple from Aus,
Completing a travel blog simply because.
This time, a year ago it seemed only a dream,
For both LJO and JLO distant they seemed.
As time past, they called each other mate,
A relationship beckoned it must have been fate.

Now the trip of a lifetime is booked,
With one read we will have you hooked.

This is meant to be a bit about us,
When really it’s about our ventures on a bus.
Lego figures to symbolise who we are,
They will travel with us, here and far.
In case, you didn’t know we are off overseas,
Where we will write this blog in order to please.

We are two teachers who will complete the Inca Trail,
Like our students, we hope not to fail.
LJO will be sure to whinge,
Camping to her requires a binge.
Maybe alcohol, maybe food,
We promise to keep you updated without being rude.
Not a hiker nor a walker is she,
JLO will put up with her, maybe.
She is determined to finish the trek,
After hiking for days, she will be wrecked.
Proud, she will be when it comes to an end,
Our next adventure just around the bend.

The travel could be one year or maybe two,
You’ll be sure to read about Machu Picchu.
We know South America has other countries,
We plan to visit all and taste their unique munchies.
Carnival in Rio in the month of Feb,
Tired we will be but no time for bed.

From South America to the mighty UK,
The time we’ll have will be more than OK.
New York to Iceland, it will be blast,
Let us just hope time doesn’t go fast.
Russia, China and South East Asia,
May the luck of our travels be forever in our favour.

There maybe some work and the need to volunteer,
Which you can read all on here.
We will be sure to post regularly,
And you will see,
The antics we get up to while overseas.

Written by JLO



A teacher from a small country town,
Very rarely she wears a frown.
A bit of time off from teaching the kids,
To travel the world will be something she did.
Whilst away family she’ll miss,
Meeting new people, even the Swiss.
Never one to turn down a chat,
When overseas she may get a tatt.
Maths and physics are tools of her trade,
The memories she’ll make will never fade.
Always one to want the best,
Travel for her will beat marking tests.
It will be a year, filled with much fun,
At least a part of it will be chasing the sun.
Lets not forget the friends she will miss too,
How will she survive with 3 pairs of shoes.
She hopes you enjoy our neat little blog,
To get her home will be a dog.



Teaching PE and English seem so lame,
When the option to travel is a far better game.
Always been a big fan of sport,
His time away will seem so short.
Missing his mates could be a struggle,
But a ripper girlfriend for when he needs a cuddle.
Saving money has always been hard,
All that cash will go towards a glorious post card.
Always up for a good laugh,
There will be long stints without a bath.
As stinky as he may be,
There is so much to see when overseas.
Writing he’ll do on this blog,
Just like her he wants a dog.