Why I Hated Antarctica

Why I Hated Antarctica

Why I Hated Antarctica

Antarctica, the 7th continent! I have no doubt it is on lots of people’s bucket lists. Am I right? Is it on yours? I am assuming it is otherwise you would not be reading this. However, before investing thousands of dollars have a quick squiz at this article on why I hated Antarctica. It could help you in your decision making to visit the white continent. 


 The Drake Was So Calm We Had Ice On Form On Deck

The Drake Was So Calm We Had Ice On Form On Deck


Everyone wants to experience the Drake Passage! I heard tales of how rough it can be, how everyone is sea sick and to me, it sounded like a real adventure. What did we get, you ask? Something, known as the Drake Lake. Flat, calm, next to no wind and smooth sailing the entire way to and back from Antarctica. Talk about disappointing.


 Look At All The Sunshine

Look At All The Sunshine


Sunshine, bloody sunshine everywhere while in Antarctica. I am so lucky I had sunscreen and sunnies on hand for other travels. I can tell you I would have been burnt to a crisp if I had not had these. No one wants the sunshine in Antarctica; you are supposed to be a cold continent…..shame on you.


I am sure you have heard that only 100 people can be on Antarctica at one particular point at one time. I thought beauty no crowds here plenty of space it is going to be amazing! BUT, no one mentioned the PENGUINS. You would not believe how many there are, they are literally everywhere and to make matters worse there are rules. You must give way to penguins, GIVE WAY I tell you! Sometimes when they are running down their penguin highways, yes they have highways, they decide to stop right in front of you. At this moment you must stop and wait for them to move. Talk about invading your personal space and wasting your time.


 See The Whale Disrupting The Peace?

See The Whale Disrupting The Peace?


You are taking a leisurely walk around the ship on the promenade deck when BOOM, a whale annoyingly pops up spraying water. In more extreme cases breaching may occur, and obviously, this is disturbing you from your walk. Also, a random piece of ice may fall from a glacier causing a cracking sound followed by a boom. Totally not what I signed up for when cruising in Antarctica.


I mean no one would ever in their right mind want to kayak in Antarctica, would they? Not only do whales disturb the peace, penguins again can get in your way and then God forbid there are the obnoxious seals. These animals may either wreck your photos by lazing around on icebergs or worst still again disrupt peace like the whales by popping up whenever they god damn fell like. And then there is the ice, a thin layer of ice on top of the water that is there every now and again that slows the movement of your paddle. I mean how inconvenient! Oh, and you know how I mentioned about the sun! Well, when that reflects off the waters and gets in your eyes there really is nothing more to say. Avoid kayaking at all costs; you won’t enjoy it.


White, white and a bit more white! If I wanted to see so much white, I could have hung out in Lapland, Finland, couldn’t I? I believe that is a white place and also much easier to travel to than Antarctica. I mean it gets boring seeing snow, ice, enormous glaciers, monstrous mountains, gigantic icebergs because they are all white. No colour at all and therefore making Antarctica is a bland and boring place to visit. Ok, ok to be fair there is a little bit of blue too but again….boring colour.


Enjoyed the #Garibaldi #fjord today from the comforts of our #zodiac that magically appeared out of the #MSMidnatsol, @hurtigruten

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Why would anyone want to go on a ship to Antarctica? The food is second class with hordes of seafood, cheeses, meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta and sauces. And by that list, you can see there is clearly not enough of it. There are lectures, lectures I tell you! I didn’t sign up to go to lectures and learn about penguins, whales, research and anything related to Antarctica. Why in gods name would I want to know anything like that? Oh, and the staff! Always annoying you as they politely fill up your water glass for you, clean your room daily and are always smiling. Haven’t they heard this is the worst place in the world? There should be no smiling.

However, if you do want to look at cruises that may go to this horrible place, check out Hurtigruten, there staff are always smiling!

So there you have it! Countless reasons why we hate Antarctica! I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have about the continent and helps to solidify your decision on whether you want to visit.

I mean we hated it so much we can’t wait to one day visit again. Only, of course, to see if it has improved.

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