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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta

Everything & Anything That Is On Our Blog

Some people ask “why write a blog??”,
Put simply, it beats a 9 to 5  job.
Telling tales of various places,
talking about people and their beautiful faces.
The world will be seen through a series of lenses,
you may even hear of a few our benders.
Our neat little blog will teach you a lot,
like packing a bag to fill every spot.
Advice on what works well and what can fail,
Especially when it comes to all things on sale.
From bags to shoes we will give our advice,
time will tell which items are nice.
As well as all this we can keep track,
of all the things we do while travelling the map.
Please enjoy our cool little site,
an occasional poem we promise to write.

After lots of planning the time has come,
To travel the world and have lots of fun.
A continent or 2, perhaps even 4,
A lengthy trip is what is in store.
Follow with all each country we visit,
Don’t be that person who happens to miss it.
South America will be a great start,
Before US sports, to some a fine art.
Before the States we will see some ice,
In Antarctica which is sure to be nice.
Iceland is next and we’ll be over half way,
More blogs to come, right throughout May.
Europe will be our final stop,
Ready to come home, I think not.
So follow along with all our sweet trips,
Rhymes and all, it should be a hit.

Written by others, we like to share,
enjoy their writing which shows their flair.
Full of handy tips and tricks,
which are all accessible by a few simple clicks.
Inspiration is what this is,
many of these bloggers have made it their biz.
One day we hope to be like they are,
inspiring others while travelling afar,

’17 will see us embarking on our trip of a lifetime,
And it will be costing us quite the few dimes.
We are packing our lives into a backpack,
To explore off the beaten track. .
Follow us on this amazing trip,
But before leave we will share the odd tip.
Packing, budgeting, planning,
And visas that will help granting.
These tips will be helpful to the new,
The experienced and in order to everyone through.

  1. Kayak in Antarctica
  2. Carnival in Rio De Janerio
  3. Inca Trail, Machu Pichhu, Peru
  4. Northern Lights, Iceland
  5. Step foot in Greenland
  6. Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives
  7. Hire a Campervan and travel around New Zealand – COMPLETED
  8. Enjoy the Transiberian Railway
  9. Stay in the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – COMPLETED
  10. See every Disneyland in the world
  11. See a NBL game in the USA
  12. See a Major League Baseball game in the USA
  13. See a NFL game in the USA
  14. Enjoy a Premier League Soccer game in England
  16. Go on Safari in Africa
  17. Sail around Croatia
  18. Sail around the Caribbean
  19. Swim with a whale
  20. Swim with a turtle – COMPLETED IN MALDIVES
  21. See a polar bear
  22. Diving in the Maldives – COMPLETED
  23. Stay in a Junk Boat in Halong Bay
  24. Pick up a hitch hiker
  25. Be a hitch hiker
  26. Hike St Mary’s Peak, Flinders Ranges
  27. Backpack Europe – COMPLETED
  28. Take a cruise through Alaska
  29. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride in Turkey
  30. Learn Spanish before 2017
  31. Go to the Olympics when it is somewhere amazing
  32. Shark cage dive
  33. Giant Causeway – Ireland
  34. Blue Lagoon – Iceland
  35. See the Angel Falls
  36. See the Fjords in Norway
  37. Visit Lapland
  38. Visit Christ the Redeemer – Rio De Janiero
  39. Salt Flats Bolivia
  40. Petra – Jordan
  41. Door to Hell – Turkmenistan
  42. Taj Mahal – India
  43. Hong Kong in general
  44. Bhutan in general
  45. Swim in the worlds largest pool in Chile