Iceland In A Campervan

Iceland In A Campervan - The Traveller's Guide By #ljojlo

Iceland, a pristine marvel in its own right. With glaciers, fjords, impeccable scenery at every turn, Iceland has quickly become a tourist hotspot and understandably so. With such unique and picturesque landscapes Iceland has become increasingly popular for people of all ages. As with any up and coming tourist destination, one of the most significant contributing factors as to whether people visit comes down to the price. Iceland is nowhere near as cheap as some Asian, Eastern European or South American countries, such as Chile. However, you can still immerse yourself in this nation even if you are a budget traveller, but how exactly? Simply, see Iceland in a campervan. With your house and wheels all in one you are already saving money. Coupled with further budget tips in this article Iceland can be visited by all, without breaking the bank.

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Budget Tips For Iceland

Hiring Tiny Tina For Our Iceland In A Campervan Adventure

Hiring a campervan through Iceland not only provided us with the freedom to explore but was also a very affordable way to get around Iceland. Tiny Tina from Sadcars was, as the name suggests, tiny, but perfect for what we were doing.

One of the benefits of road tripping around Iceland was the ease of travel. The famous Ring Road allows people to travel around the entire island, stopping off as needed. We spent a week in Iceland, which while it doesn’t sound like a lot of time, we were able to comfortably navigate our way around the country. We could still stop off at various locations to take in the sights and be awed by the beauty that Iceland offers. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a smaller camper in Iceland was the economy of the vehicle. With fuel being a significant expense on any road trip, hiring a smaller car that had fantastic fuel economy ensured we were able to spend money on sights and food instead of unnecessary amounts of fuel.

Visiting The Supermarket

With Iceland being very remote and in a climate that does not allow for much agriculture, fresh, healthy foods can be rather expensive. However, shopping at supermarkets and buying cheaper foods can ensure that you not only enjoy your time but will stop you stressing about finances. While in Iceland, we ate a lot of noodles, sandwiches, Nutella (lots of Nutella) and other simple but not necessarily healthy foods…..whoops. Did I mention we ate Nutella? Nutella on bread, Nutella on toast, Nutella straight out of the jar! Cleary we like Nutella.

Given that we were in Iceland for just one week, and we were towards the end of our 6-month adventure we were not overly concerned with the nutritional value of our foods. At one stage, however, we were splurging on $5 (approximately once converted to AUD) hotdogs from petrol stations and I must admit they were delicious. Unfortunately, if you do want to eat out in Iceland, you can expect to pay substantially more than if you cook your own food. Luckily for us Tiny Tina did have a small stove allowing us to cook and save money by seeing Iceland in a campervan.

Enjoying The Sights

Given the current tourism climate in Iceland, visiting the tourist attractions can be very expensive. The beauty with Iceland is that you do not need to pay large amounts of money to enjoy the landscapes and sights when seeing Iceland in a campervan. Whether it be famous scenes from Game of Thrones, glaciers, fjords, iceberg-filled lakes, or simply beautiful roads Iceland has plenty of free options when it comes to attractions.

The key to this is spending time doing some research and taking time to explore. Some of the best sights are the ones which you find while exploring yourself without necessarily having a plan. Take some time to go looking, and you will witness some spectacular attractions for free, trust me.

Iceland, a place of sheer beauty. Both during summer and winter. In fact, travelling Iceland in winter can also make your trip cheaper. However, I have no doubt you will read and hear that it is expensive, and trust me it can be. However, if money is your determining factor on whether you visit Iceland or not, rest assured you can travel to Iceland on a budget. Importantly, just make sure you see Iceland in a campervan.

And to give you more reason to visit here are a few more photos….

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  1. Wow! I never thought of renting a camper van in Iceland – really hoping to go in the next 12 months!
    Your pictures are so beautiful! I cannot wait!


    1. #ljojlo - Lauren

      Thank you so much Michelle. Definitely consider renting a campervan ?. If you have any questions at all please yell out ?.

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