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Tesalate Beach Towels - Sand-Free Beach Towel - Travel Must Have - Luxury Travel Hacks

Tesalate Beach Towels: A Sand-Free Towel & Travel Must Have

One of the things that we always include in our packing list is a good and reliable towel. Whether we’re going on a long trip or just a weekend getaway, we make sure that we have one in our bags, you know, just in case. One of our most trusted travel towels are the Tesalate beach towels, from our home country Australia.

#Layover in #Oman - No Matter the Length of Time - #Luxury #TravelHacks

Layover in Oman – No Matter the Length of Time

The strategic location of Oman makes it a great spot for connecting flights from the west to the Far East. Therefore a layover in Oman is great use of flexibility to explore another country, city and place.