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“No road is long with good company” – Turkish Proverb

Travel Bloggers from all over the world,
Are sharing a ‘Clip of the Trip’ from an experience they were hurled.
Instead of a video they share a ‘Snap to Recap’,
Of amazing destinations from all over the map.

This weekly addition to this site,
Is open to all travel bloggers who share with delight.
If you wish to take part in this lingo,
Head off to Work With Us for further info.

​A section dedicated to friends that post,
about amazing adventures, they want to boast.
Up and coming bloggers just like us,
hoping people will have a read and make a fuss.

We love to share amazing content,
Travels from the past, future or present.
Therefore if you wish to get on board,
Please contact us, we promise you won’t be ignored.​